Eco Jeans...

For years textile companies have been striving to produce eco friendly versions of the worlds most popular trouser - the denim jean. Denim manufacturing has come under fire for decades for the amounts of water wastage it produces and the harmful chemicals used during the manufacturing process. There has also been outrage at the sandblasting technique used to distress denim, which has proved to endanger workers health.

It seems a Swiss chemical company have achieved this, with a process that could potentially save enough water to fill the needs for 1.7 million people if just one quarter of the industry put it into practice.

This revolutionary process is known as Advanced Denim, and uses 92% less water and 30% less energy that conventional denim dying techniques. If used on a wider scale this process could save 2.5 billion gallons of water per year, reduce waste water from jean manufacturing dramatically and save up to 220 million kilowatt hours of electricity.

Jean manufacturers such as the well know Levi Strauss have already developed their own techniques to ensure their manufacturing process is more eco friendly. However these products are still proving to be held in a niche market.

Will this catch on? Do you care about the energy used to create you latest pair of drainpipe jeans? 

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