Earthquake Rattles Textile Business.

In Emilia Romagna, just 100 miles from Italy's fashion capital, Milan, disaster struck as the home of several textile and clothing manufacturers were hard hit by Tuesdays Earthquakes. Leaving 17 people dead and whole businesses destroyed during one of the busiest times for the textile and clothing world.

Home to brands such as Blumarine, Denni Rose, Champion and Gaudi, the earthquake has devastated their production run in the lead up to their winter collections, of which the companies were in full production mode for. These were expected to be delivered shortly, along with the pre collections which represent 70% of sales, and whose marketing campaign unrolls at the beginning of next month. 

"The false ceiling collapsed and there’s quite a bit of damage," said a spokesman for Blumarine. The situation is all the more critical because this earthquake is the second to hit the area in ten days. Most personnel have been camping and sleeping in their cars since the first earthquake of May 20. Many are afraid to return to work," 

With almost 1,280 companies operating within the area, and employing 14,000 people, it is crucial for the companies to get back on their feet quickly in order to reduce the impact on the fashion and textile industry. But have we heard about this in the news? No. We are blinkered from genuine disasters, and we will only find out about this tragedy when the clothes are late on the shelves and this seasons 'it' dress has a waiting list. But will we think about the employees who have had to start their manufacturng from scratch and complete in half the time, after losing 17 of their collegues? I hope so.