7 is my lucky number...

Clearly 7,000 is a lot luckier! Tonight I hit my 7,000th view of the year and without you guys and dolls I wouldn't have carried on writing, so here's a toast to you all... Thought I'd better treat you (hopefully) with a little post, as I know it has been quiet on here lately.
I'm well and truly knackered, working hard to meet deadlines and not let everyone down. Working two jobs is hard enough, but with one in Manchester and one in Oxfordshire it is even harder. Not to say I'm not loving it as clearly you all know I'm a bit of a busy body anyway.

I'd like to tell you all about some emerging talent I have been lucky enough to come across recently. There are so many talented people around, and only some that are lucky enough to get the recognition they deserve. 2012 itself is a year of celebration, so why not celebrate the raw talent this country has to offer, and I hope all you bloggers out there will help me out by getting the word out, which I know you're all so good at.

Firstly, I better let you know about Daniel Woodier. A perfect person who just so happens to be a bloody amazing artist! His work is beautiful, intricate and true to life, check it out :)

Next up, a Bangkok fashion label, Fly Now. Not exactly a new talent, but a raw one most definitely. I'm sure a lot of people in England may have heard of this label, but it is truly fantastic. Gorgeous, quirky designs that brighten up any wardrobe, especially from the newest addition to the brand - Fly Now III. Not only the clothing that is perfect, the visual displays are stunning and the marketing is genius. I bought one of their gorgeous designed doodle T-Shirts when I was out there in December, and will be sure to buy more when I go back next month. I also managed a sneaky peak at some Fly Now girls taking polaroids of each other on the streets of Bangkok, and incase you didnt know the photo has been entered into a competition to win an internship at Elle. (link below - any likes and tweets would be much appreciated)

Anyway, heres some gorgeous designs and visuals to lust after.

Raul Romo is my next little find, a school boy/fashion designer/artist/singer/dancer, this guy has it all, but his fashion photography is what caught my eye. He creates an aura within his photographs which captivates me. Theres not much else to say, I'll let the pictures do the talking. But If i could take photos like this boy could, my camera wouldn't leave my hand.

So there you have it, three amazing new talents to tantalise youre creative tastebuds.

In the meantime, thankyou again for your continued support, many more articles are in the pipeline to keep your eyes peeled...

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