If you haven't been to this Manchester vintage and handmade goods shop, you haven't truly experienced the Manchester shopping scene. It's one of my favourites, so I took a little time out of my Sunday to finally write about the store, and share some cute photos I took inside a few months ago.

Having been voted Best Independant Retailer in Manchester, it is clear that I am not the only one who has fallen for this Aladdins cave. The whole focus for the store is sustainability, and it is fresh and exciting to see a brand aimed at primarily the younger generation making an environmental stand in the fashion world of Manchester. The interiors for the shop are made entirely out of reused materials, and alongside this the shop offers a range of sewing classes, encouraging the people of Manchester to reuse their old clothes to make new items. They sell a wide range of hand sewn products in the store, which never fail to make me dip into my purse.

Everything sold in the store has been made in Manchester, and this idea came along way before Mary's "Made in Britain" theme. They were ahead of the times in a market that was screaming out for one off, local items for the younger generation of Manchester. Having opened their retail space in the Northern Quarter in 2007 they have constantly strived to keep on top of trends in our ever changing fashion climate, as well as keeping to their eco values.

"An ethical and inventive shopping 
experience in a beautiful installation like space makes us one of the few retailers who can genuinely boast of individuality."

"Our clothes span a range of styles worn from sunrise to sunset by Ravers, Dreamers, Schemers, Urban Hippies, Eco-Warriors, Sci-Fi Queens and Vintage Vixens alike and are now Oxfams No.1 selling Sustainable Fashion Label."