U.S Retailers finally fighting back!

For as many years as fast fashion has been a trend within retail, the U.S has struggled to keep up to speed with the latest fashions. Often losing out to European retailers, finally they are starting to up their game in a bid to bring back valuable customers. 

Companies such as Gap and Macy's have begun putting smaller orders in at factories, and leaving it till the last minute to decide on cuts and colours in a bid to reduce concept-to-store times. This has so far halved lead times from a staggering 12 months to 6. This may seem like an impressive job, until we take into consideration the lead times of retailers such as Zara and H&M, which can be as little as 6 weeks. 

The U.S. retailers trying to make this change have different plans of action, with American Eagle "buying fashion to sell out", and reducing the amount of stock in stores in a bid to sell out of styles. Macy's idea is to speed up their decision making process for styles aimed at younger shoppers, aiming to win them back from fast fashion brands.

Building relationships with manufacturers and suppliers is something which most U.S retailers are concentrating on, trying to experiement with different ways of getting products to stores quicker and more efficiently.

The massive step forward in retail with the rise of fast fashion is something I am suprised has taken this long for the U.S to cotton on to - the profits involved are large to say the least. It has been predicted in the recent past that the future of fast fashion was rocky - with a rise in the number of shoppers investing larger amounts of money in clothes to last. However with the fashion fashion bug spreading to the U.S - I can't see it ending any time soon. In fact - this could just be the beginning.


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