Tesco using girls face on designs.

Just read a really interesting news article about Tesco, the multi million pound business who have stolen a picture from a fellow fashion blog to use on a jumper design, retailing at just £12.

Fashion student Nicola Kirkbride was surprised when her friend told her she had seen her face on a sweater retailing in Tesco. 

Nicola attends Robert Gordan University in Aberdeen, studying Fashion Management, and didn't expect that her first item of clothing on the rails wouldn't feature her face rather than her name. The photo was taken from her blog which was started as a college project last year, and states that all images and content are owned by her. Hence why she is taking on the giant supermarket chain.

Personally, I'd do exactly the same. Her face shouldn't need to be copyrighted. However, I'd be secretly very happy, it is brilliant publicity and with the money that hopefully she will win, she can make a start on her own business and paying off her university debts. Good for her! What do you all think?

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