Peter Pilotto

Digital prints - I'm obsessed with them. The technology that can be used to print material literally blows my mind and how it is constantly developing I find so exciting. So it was obvious that Peter Pilotto's AW12 collection would blow my mind. The colours are stunning, they reminded me of a peacocks feathers, and the prints are visually stunning and almost otherworldly, an art piece in themselves.
From skinny trousers to printed puffer jackets (watch this space - trend incoming), skin tight dresses to oversized tshirts - this collection provides something for everyone, with every garment carefully thought through to be flattering and beautiful. And I would die for the panelled dress, the neckline is the most interesting piece of a garment I have seen in a long time. I look forward to watching this design duo carry on treating my eyes with their splendour.
Now check these photos out...

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