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According to Olivier Zahm, Purple Magazine, “I have no point of view on fashion anymore, because I’m not allowed a point of view. You have to ask young bloggers for their points of view, I’m too old for a point of view. They have a lot to say, you can ask them.” When asked who his favourite blogger is, he replied “I have no favourite blogger I hate them, I hate them all.” So why the hate on fashion bloggers?  
Nati Hell – feared amongst fashion bloggers for her spiteful posts, has been an anonymous internet presence spending her time insulting fashion blogs and venting her frustration to the world on her OWN blog, aptly named “Fashion Bloggers, why!?”
Some of her posts include researching what different fashion bloggers did previously to writing blogs, in a deliberate attempt to embarrass them. So why does she hate them so much? When asked by one of the blogs she has ripped into in the past, what is it you particularly dislike about fashion bloggers? Miss Hell replied “I can’t quite put my finger on it right now.”
So what is it that makes people hate these bloggers so much? Perhaps it’s the fact that 13 year olds are being given opportunities that people who have been working for their whole lives are not. Tavi Gevinson began her blog, Style Rookie, in 2008 at the age of 11. She now has over 50,000 avid readers, designed and sold her own T-shirt in a collaboration with London based Borders&Frontiers, appeared on the cover of Pop magazine, and is partly inspiration for Rodarte’s line at Target. Bloggers like Tavi have been labeled as the “frontline of fashion”, and it’s not surprising that degree baring, experience hungry professionals are slightly resentful.
Since bloggers have started sitting pride of place on the front row, are they beginning to take over? Anna Wintour, editor-in-chief of fashion magazine Vogue, is used to being on the front row. But are bloggers going to take her place soon for the on the dot blogging of runways instead of having to wait for an editorial in a magazine?
Wintour has said recently that she has now embraced fashion bloggers, as long as they know that Vogue is still better than they are. ”We love as much coverage of fashion as possible. We don't care at all where it comes from, and we embrace bloggers and video and social networking, and anyone that's talking about fashion is a good thing. And we now have our own website that incorporates all of that. But I think what's interesting to us with this new phenomenon that 'everyone's a fashion editor, everyone's a fashion writer' is that all of that actually helps Vogue, because we have access and the understanding of fashion that, forgive me, but maybe some bloggers and some of the newcomers to this world have a little bit less experience of, but as I said, the more the merrier. We embrace it.” So, she “embraces” it. But will blogs make magazines such as Vogue redundant? Only time will tell, and until then, hope you enjoyed my blog about it...

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