Voices of the cloth....

This video is gorgeous. AllSaints have released this short documentary shot in the Yorkshire town of Huddersfield where much of AllSaints' woven textiles are manufactured. It is so refreshing to see a British brand with British manufacturing still in its blood, with heritage and tradition falling as fundamentals of the brand. As modern day and overseas production takes over the fashion retail sector, it is easy to forget the jobs that are lost from this still recent venture. Manufacturing may be cheaper in China and Vietnam, however the clothing made over there lacks the spirit and lustre of British heritage that we have so easily forgotten about.

AllSaints have made this documentary to remind us all that the British have a nack of creating beautiful fabrics and a talent for maufacture that may be worth an extra few pennies. 95% of the stores on our high street use overseas factories in their manufacturing process, but AllSaints is an exception to the rule, and wanted to celebrate the lives of their Yorkshire workers. "With the surrounding Pennine hills like huge folded mounds of Worstead cloth and a wind-blown grass like delicate fabric fibers, it was also a setting to striking not to share."

AllSaints are a brand which pride themselves on the "finish" of their fabric, and believe that without the traditional technique and expert knowledge that the feel and handle of their fabrics couldn't be replicated overseas. The overall handle of the fabric is also effected by the temperature conditions of the surrounding area, something which many retailers heading overseas for their manufacturing don't realise. 

The men of the mill who are featured in this short film are equally as interesting as the work they do. They spend their lives on machines that are sometimes older than them, and use techniques such as their top secret soap recipes that their ancestors have passed down from generation to generation to perfect. It's beautiful to see the generations of workers still so passionate about what they do, and to see that our country is still producing quality textiles which can be bought on our high street, not just on Saville Row.

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