Cyber Monday...

Yes, I realise I'm almost a week too late for this, but it's such an important time for retail at the moment and I wanted to look in to how the current climate has effected christmas shopping for consumers, so here goes...

Online sales in America reached a massive $1.25 billion this Cyber Monday, a new record for online sales. This was up by 22% compared to last year, an amazing leap for online retail. The online sales for department stores leaped by 60%, and homeware sales surged by 68%.

So does this mark the end of the recession? By no means. In my opinion, it's marking a rise in the use of online shopping and using devices to shop. It is now possible to order anything simply by pressing a few buttons on your handheld device. As of 2011, 2.1 billion people use the internet, a third of the earths population. 

I find it hard to imagine life without it, as I'm sure many of you do as you are currently sat reading a blog... But just thirty years ago it was almost unknown to most households. Just shows that one little thing can change the way we live forever, so get your thinking caps on, what will be the next big thing for retail?

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