Assignment after assignment....

And finally I'm finished, so ready for my christmas break.

I have some exciting news, however it has to be kept a secret till it happens. But believe me, the blog will be PACKED by the middle of January!

I have also been asked to guest write on an online publication, Business Boom Bolton. This will be really good for the blog, and should help in getting the name out there. Should be a fun new venture for me too!

Other than that, it has been work work work these past few weeks. I got my job at Gap, and it's an amazing company to work for. I have met so many lovely people, and I have been trained up as a personal stylist to top it all off... Of course, my contract is still seasonal, so now it's a case of seeing if they will keep me on after christmas, so fingers crossed! 

I have done my first review for Pulp, the MMU newspaper. Me and my boyfriend went off to Academy 3 and watched The Swellers, but I have to say the support act "Into it. Over it." outshone them on the night. One man acoustic act Evan was fantastic, and made the gig feel so intimate and his storytelling captivated my attention and I'm sure the rest of the audience felt the same. 

Anyway, heres some pictures from the night and my review, which will hopefully be seen on the Pulp blog soon!

'Into it. Over it.'

'Broadway Calls'

'The Swellers'

In the tiny space of Academy 3 came The Swellers, a typical punk rock band from Flint, Michigan. It was refreshing to see them still setting up their own equipment on their first headline UK tour. With new album “Good For Me” having been released just six months ago, The Swellers have been relentless in touring and have visited the UK three times in the last year.
Having supported bands such as The Blackout, Paramore and Anti-flag, it’s safe to say The Swellers were due a headline tour. They’re at their best with crowd pleaser “bottles”, an older song that includes the blazing solo and mile-a-minute drum beats their fans adore. Highlights of the show included a brand new track, and it was surprising to see 99% of the crowd (the other 1% was me) singing all the words to “Best I Ever Had”, a catchy song with heaps of energy - much like the band that sing it. 
The Swellers past successes have been largely related to their songwriting skills, and perhaps this is why I was slightly disappointed, with their first support act ‘Into it. Over it.’ dominating on the lyric front. He captivated the crowd with his storytelling and made everything feel more intimate, whereas The Swellers performance felt rushed and somewhat practised. Although technically I couldn’t fault the performance, there was a spark missing from the band. 
Nevertheless, it is refreshing to see a band that doesn’t rely too heavily on breakdowns or sing-alongs and seem to genuinely care about musicianship and progressing as songwriters. I certainly don’t think it’s the last we’ll be seeing of them.

What do you think?? I felt a bit harsh, my first ever review and a rather average 3/5, but I had to be honest!

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