Xfactor stars in M&S christmas advert...

So, a few days ago the M&S Christmas ad campaign for 2011 was launched, starring the 16 finalists from the Xfactor. It has cost M&S several million to include them in their campaign, with each of the finalists being given a one off fee for appearing in the film.

The campaign was drawn up by M&S, X factor producers and Simon Cowell's firm Syco following meetings earlier this year. The advert includes snapshots of different generations celebrating Christmas and the Xfactor finalists singing an updated version of the song "wish upon a star", originally written for the 1940 Disney film "Pinnochio".

There have been mixed thoughts about the campaign from M&S customers, with some saying the advert is enjoyable and like the fact that it is a bit different to the usual M&S campaigns, but with most arguing that the finalists don't represent the M&S customer. One customers opinion which caught my eye when doing some research on the topic was this:

"Is this it from M&S this year? If so, it's a massive anti-climax after so many recent memorable Christmas campaigns. It's also very bad timing with X-factor ratings slumping and general public dissatisfaction with the show this series."

It is a very different idea to previous M&S Christmas campaigns, with last years including well known celebrities such as Twiggy, Peter Kay, Jamie Redknapp, VV Brown, Dannii Minogue, model Ana Beatriz Barros and Lisa Snowdon. To be fair, I tend to agree with the above comment on this one, these celebrities represent M&S's loyal customer base, and this year they seem to be focusing on a younger target audience. If this is what they're going for, then the advert will surely win the hearts of many younger generations, however pushing away their established customers at the most crucial time of year for retail cannot be a good idea...

The advert is said to be changing on the run up to Christmas, with more of their products being introduced and an emphasis on the contestents which are saved by the public each week. We have already seen our first change to the advert, just two days after it first aired, with the so called "fun-time" Frankie being edited out of the campaign after the teen was axed from the show yesterday.

So what are your opinions on the new ad campaign? Perhaps it will grow on us, or perhaps it will get on our nerves. Either way, everyones talking about it, which has got to be a good thing for M&S?

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