Quick update...

I will post tomorrow about the gig I have just done some photography for, it was brilliant. The band were much better than I expected and it being in such an intimate venue made it even more enjoyable.

I have my first day at my new job tomorrow, so I may have to do a bit of research on Gap, my new employer. With such a well known brand I'm suprised at how little I actually know about their history and ad campaigns, so you may see a little post about them too.

I will also finally get round to posting some of the pictures of the first ever fashion society photoshoot this week, as some of the pictures have been printed in Pulp this week. I was a stylist for this shoot, not a photographer, and it was the first bit of styling I had done for a photoshoot that wasn't organised by me. It was a different experience and involved a lot of standing around in the freezing cold, but luckily I was with an awesome bunch of people, a few who I had never met before which was really nice. Anyhow, the pictures and a little bit of an explanation of the shoot will be here before your eyes in matter of days, I promise.

I'll also introduce you to my absolute pride and joy and the new addition to my family. Theres a sneak peak at the bottom of this post, he's absolutely adorable. I will do a bit of writing about the rise in "doggy fashion", as yes, we have been guilty of already buying him jumpers, cardis, parkas... the list goes on!

Last of all, I have been invited to do some more photography for Pulp, so on Friday night I am attending a fashion show at the Victorian Baths in Manchester. I'm really excited about this, the building is absolutely gorgeous and it will be the perfect venue for a show, and will hopefully make some brilliant pictures.

So keep your eyes peeled on the blog over the next few days as it will be jam packed with all sorts of lovely stuff.

Now, I need my beauty sleep ready for my induction tomorrow! Wish me luck!

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