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Westfield shopping centre. My first experience on the amazing new concept of shopping centre, and my god I was impressed.

The first thing I saw as I walked through the car park was the words "Limousine drop off" painted on the floor. Wow. Limousine to the shops?! What is this place. The concierge service desk, the GOLD MACHINE. Thats right, a vending machine for gold. ( I read an article about these the other day, the machine follows 17 others around the world, most of them in Germany and Dubai, and they are sid to make an annual turnover of around £32.6million, with the average machine receiving around 500 transactions per month!)

Loved Westfield. It cost the Westfield group £1.6bn, but it incorporates new was of retailing. For the first time in a long time, walking round the shops made me feel retail wasn't fading away and perhaps if more shopping centres like this pop up, or existing shopping centres take on board some of the innovative ideas to bring people back to retail, rather than shopping for their clothing in supermarkets or online.

No wonder it has recently been ranked as the top UK shopping centre!

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