Dog is Dead..

OK, so first thoughts were clearly of the name, I would love to know what inspired this band name. When I first heard that is who I would be photographing, I have to admit my immediate thoughts were that they were going to either a metal or punk band with such a name. So I did a bit of research, and after listening to the first song of theirs I came across, "Hands Down" (also happens to be the single they released in the last few days), I was hooked. 

They're a five piece indie pop band from Nottingham, who are probably most famous for their appearance on the closing scene of the British TV series "Skins". They had had their music played on the show before this episode but they were invited to play live on the set for this particular scene. They have also supported an array of well known bands such as Bombay Bicycle Club, whom the band members admitted after the show were their "biggest idols", and have been listening to since the age of 15. Other acts have included OK Go, Cajun Dance Party, One Night Only and Viva Brother, and the band have played a few major festivals in the last few years, incluing Glastonbury, Bestival and Dot to Dot.

When we asked which they preferred, big or small crowds (bearing in mind there were probably less than 100 people there last night due to the lack of space), they answered very diplomatically. "When we play small crowds like this, everyone is here to see us. They know us, they sing along to the words and it's amazing. When we play the festivals it's a completely different ball game, because were having to win over the crowds, they're not necessarily there to see us so we want them to walk away feeling like they've found something new, and then maybe they'll come to our smaller shows."

"But we try to make sure there is no difference in the way we play, the show should stay the same, its only the feeling and the crowd that are different."

Anyway, I promised you photos so here they are. Admittedly not the best photos I've ever taken, but the venue was absolutely tiny! I couldn't move around because the crowd was packed in such a confined space so it was hard to get the best shots. All things considered, I don't think they came out too badly!! See what you think :)

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