After doing research into the beautiful wedding (and dress) of Princess Diana yesterday when researching the 1980s, I was very disappointed when I read today that Kim Kardashian filed for divorce yesterday after just 72 days of being married to basketball player Kris Humphries. 
72 days, thats not even three months. It is scary how little marriages and their vows seem to mean to people nowdays, weddings are more of a social occasion than a promise to a loved one. I love weddings (doesn't everyone), but nowadays it seems that when they happen people are more interested in placing bets on how long they will last. It seems like in this day an age, vows are spoken but only have a temporary meaning, and people get married as more of a recreational thing. 
But I'm far too tired for a debate about marriage and divorce really, so I just found some beautiful pictures of wedding dresses and ceremonies, and some god damn awful ones!! (I'll let you decide which is which!)
Enjoy, and I will be back tomorrow for news on the Dog is Dead gig.

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