I remember the first time I went to Camden. I walked out of the tube, took a look around and instantly thought "this is where I belong". I was surrounded by tattoos, mad hair, doc martens and band tshirts. This time around I had a real explore. I had never even been to the stables before! This place was magical. Surrounded by statues of the stables former residents it really makes you feel the history of the place. So, I did a bit of research.

The Camden Stables market boasts a group of 19th century horse stables, horse hospitals, workshops, warehouses and vaults. All of these connected by cobbled lanes have now been turned into shops and stalls selling an impressive array of vintge clothing, antiques and alternative objects. The stables began in 1894 when, due to the increase in rail freight, more and more horses were needed to haul the Pickford distribution wagons around London and to tow the heavy barges up and down the Regents 
Canal in North London.

Before this in the previous century, Camden used to be a sleepy little village surrounded by fields and trees. The first few buildings to be built were only one storey high, but with the development of the nearby railway larger two and three storey buildings were built leaving us with what is now the most impressive group of industrial stabling left in England.

The stables now attracts an impressive 35 million visitors a year, and when you visit you will see why. An area steeped in history and an amazing shopping destination - I would recommend to anyone looking for an alternative shopping experience! Here are a few of the photos I took.

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