Whilst at Diesel head office I learnt about a new concept that they will be involving themselves in, based in Shoreditch, London.It is called Boxpark, a new retail concept which uses shipping containers to create the worlds first pop up mall. It is made up of 60 customised shipping containers, Boxpark will house brands including Nike, Lacoste, Levi’s, North face, Vans and of course, Diesel.
Set in The Goodsyard in East London, it is a 4.7 hectare site which was a former rail yard, which has been derelict for over 40 years. The site has been bought by the developers behind the Birmingham Bullring, and for the next five years the site will be home to Boxpark, after which it will provide 2,000 homes. The founder and managing directer Roger Wade says: “The container is the ultimate in industrial design but why not use it in a retail perspective.”
The retailers will not be limited to fashion, with cafes and art galleries, with Wade stating that they are contacting “any retailer who we think are doing something a little different.”
Rents have been going up in Shoreditch anyway, with it even being called by some as a “mini Bond Street”. with luxury fashion houses Christian Louboutin, Ralph Lauren and Vivienne Westwood, setting the stage for a possible doubling of rents in five years.

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