Just been doing some research on the 1980s for my up and coming assignment on said era. Absolutely loving some of the styles!! Okay, so maybe not the neons, I went through that stage when I was 14 (see my first image if you don't believe me, hilarious!) but new romantics? Give me them any day! I was looking through my wardrobe and it's surprising how many of my clothes are inspired by something to do with the 80s, you don't actually realise until you look. Might see if i have time to do a few styled self portraits in the up and coming weeks. Anyway, now I'm finally getting my teeth into uni assignments, you'll be reading a lot more about some of the work we've been doing. 

The assignment sounds absolutely amazing. I have until April, and it is split into two sections, an individual research file (right up my street), and a group task, which may be a little bit more challenging for me. At the end there is a chance to go all Dragons Den and pitch our ideas to a chosen company, an opportunity which could be massive and influence my third year placement.

I have also been asked to take the photos for my universities newspaper, Pulp. I am now on the guestlist to an up and coming band, Dog is Dead. Hopefully these will be my first newsprint photographs, and of course the guestlist and backstage entry is an added bonus! I will post on this as soon as the gig finishes on Wednesday, and let you all know how it went! 

For now, I will leave you with some inspiring images, some direct from the 1980s, and some photos I have taken that remind me of it. Enjoy!

(Yes, I wore these clothes. I was young and naive, and with a boyfriend with such an awful dress sense, it truly wasn't my fault!!)

(These were for my GCSE Graphics project. One of my favourite projects EVER, it included a self portrait, the making of a magazine cover and contents page (my dreammmm job) and a trip to the bowling alley for a photoshoot. SO fun and came out really well considering I was only 16 at the time! The CD cover is a montage of images created from photos I took myself at, surprisingly, a Keane concert! Some of the larger versions I have added below.)

(The light effect is really easy to make, just put your camera on a slightly lower exposure and move the camera when taking the picture. May use this effect at the gig on Wednesday to spice the pictures up a bit! And last of all, here are some pictures I have gathered from the internet. There is such a massive array of imagery for this era I have picked a few personal favourites, but I'm sure as the assignment goes on there will be plenty more to see. I will be including research from the internet, books, films and my family and my friends families, making sure my pictures are from all over the place, so it may be interesting what I find!)

(Sportswear became fashonable in the 80s, with a massive increase in lycra being used in apparel.)

(Madonna - a massive style icon in the 80s, is she still a style icon now? I'll let you decide.)

(The androdgynous look, now a trend for A/W11)

(The first wedding to be broadcast around the world, the royal wedding captured the eyes of 750million viewers, something unheard of before then. It was a massive influence for fashions around the time, especially with the obvious bridal fashion. When the Princes were born, there was a rise in childrenswear sales, with mothers wanting their children to wear whatever Diana dressed her Princes in.)

(Duran Duran, very popular in the 80s, weren't they trying to make a comeback this year?!)

(Joan Collins. Enough said.)

(A Versace advert from the 80s, they always were very quick to put an Italian twist on trends, and the 80s was no exception.)

(The Rubiks Cube was a very popular toy in the 80s. In my home town of Knutsford, theres an American guy who literally spends his life on these things, and carries a bag of them everywhere he goes - no word of a lie. If you're ever there, look out for him. I used to see him almost every day by the bus station. He's incredibly amusing to watch.)

(The working girl inspired trends left right and centre. Because of the manufacturing industry moving overseas in the 80s, the women of the country took to office jobs instead, and with that came a whole new working wardrobe.)

Well, theres one nights research done, lets see what tomorrow brings. Night kids! (Or should I say morning -_-)

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