Tang Dynasty

With China becoming the world second largest consumer of luxury goods, with the 2011 Worl Luxury Association Blue Book survey announcing that China's total consumptions of luxury goods had reched £10.7 billion at the end of March this year. This meant that China had accounted for a quarter of the global consumption, so it seemed only right for me to do a bit of research into Chinas fashion week, and it went for an interesting read.

Models showed off a wide range of long gowns in bright colours, some featuring traditional Chinese embroidery and replicas of attire from the Tang Dynasty, AD 618 to AD 907, from NE TIGER, China's oldest luxury brand.

Traditional, ancient accents were seen on the catwalk at the China fashion week on Wednesday, with long gowns, bright colours and traditional chinese embroidery, and the results were spectacular.

"I thought my haute couture would live only with a small group of people, but now it is expanding very quickly. Consumers have become increasingly fond of Chinese traditional culture."

Here are some highlights from the NE TIGER collection, you will be impressed.

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  1. Hi Nixi,

    This was a very informative blog post. I had read about the Chinese being large consumers of luxury goods. However, it was nice that you've featured some images from Chinese designers.

    I hear the reason for their large purchasing of luxury brands is because there are few home grown Chinese offerings. Ne Tiger was not a brand I was familiar with so thanks for the education and keep up the good work.