"Don't worry, it's not loaded"

The last words of Terry Kath, a rock musician, when playing russian roulette
with life.
I've been doing some research into suicide notes and the last words of people. Morbid as it sounds, these words should technically be the most meaningful words anyone could write or say.

On the verge of death, the truth must be submitted. It is after all their last chance.

Kurt Cobains suicide was a somewhat controversial one. With books, films and documentaries written and broadcast time after time, trying to establish whether Cobain committed suicide like the ruling suggested, or whether he was the victim of murder.

Near to Cobains body, this note was found.

This note was photocopied and widely distributed by a man named Tom Grant. He studied this note in great detail, and claims the only parts of the note which imply suicide was Cobains intention is the end of the note.

The end line of this note, whether written by Cobain himself or his murderer, was one in which many people will relate to: "I don't have the passion anymore, so remember, it's better to burn out than to fade away."

Cobain had lost ambition, and without it he did not want to be around. Without it he felt worthless.

Other notes are not so heartfelt. Some people simply get bored of the life that they know; such as George Sanders, a British actor who committed suicide on April 25th 1972. His note consisted of these simple words: "Dear World, I am leaving you because I am bored. I feel I have lived long enough. I am leaving you with your worries in this sweet cesspool - good luck." At the age of 31, Sanders had predicted he would commit suicide at the age of 65, which was his age at this date.

One suicide note which really got to me was that of Nicholas-Sebastien Chamfort, a french writer, who died in 1794. He poetically wrote as his last words "And so I leave this world, where the heart must either break or turn to lead."

Criminals last words before execution.

"Well gentlemen, you are about to see a baked Appel" - George Appel, executed via electric chair.

"Take a step forward lads, it'll be easier that way." - Erskine Childers, executed by firing squad.

"Thankyou for the change in my life you have given me.The love and closeness of my family and my beautiful daughter. Thankyou for using me." - John Cockrum, executed by injection.

"Hurrah for anarchy! This is the happiest moment of my life!" - George Engel, executed via the gallows.

"I love you" (spoken to the executioner) - Sean Flannagan, executed by injection.

"How about a headline for tomorrows paper? French Fries." - James French, executed via electric chair.

"I'd rather be fishing" - Jimmy Glass, executed via electric chair.

"I'd like to thank my family fr loving me and taking care of me. And the rest of the world can kiss my ass." - Johnny Frank Garrett, executed by injection.

"I did not get my spaghetti O's. I got spaghetti. I want the press to know this." - Thomas J. Grasso, executed via injection.

"You can be a king or a street sweeper, but everyone dances with the grim reaper." - Robert Alton Harris, executed in Californias gas chamber.

"There is no God but Allah and Muhammed is Gods messenger" - Saddam Hussein, executed by hanging.

Well, it's made me think about what I'll have to say anyway.

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