Social Media Marketing - WWF

WWFs social media campaign really caught my eye this year, and is possibly one of my favourite online campaigns of 2014. In order to gain interest from a younger consumer base, the charity incorporated SnapChat's countdown setting to produce a series of "#LastSelfies". The images captured endangered species on a ten second countdown. This was a metaphor for the quickly diminishing numbers of the species, and encouraged twitter users to donate quickly, to stop this from being the animals "#LastSelfie".

From the image, users had the ability to share, donate or adopt an animal before the ten second countdown ran out. The campaign, launched in April, hit 40,000 tweets in it's first week and was shown on 120 million timelines, meaning that half of all active Twitter users were exposed to a #LastSelfie. Further to this, there were headlines of the campaign in over 6 languages, making the campaign more relevant and successful than WWF initially planned. This in turn meant that in just three days, WWF reached their target donation for the whole month.

Not only did the campaign raise money for a great cause, it also took advantage of a new social media craze to develop a younger and arguably more accessible target market for the charity.


This past week I have been lucky enough to visit some incredibly beautiful places. Heading out with my camera used to be something I had no time to do, but since starting a new job with a lot less travel involved, I have been able to take advantage of the out of the ordinary weather and see and shoot some amazing places.

On Saturday I ventured over to the Peak District with a few friends. We went to a nature reserve and caught some rays, then headed over to a secluded spot with dozens of little waterfalls to catch on camera. 

Then Sunday came and we decided it was such good weather, we should make the most out of it and leave early to go to Wales. We ended up at Llyn Ogwen, a lake settled in the middle of Snowdonia, surrounded by mountains. It was a long walk up with nowhere to shade ourselves from the heat, but in the end it was worth it. The views were stunning and the lake was gorgeous, minus the many mosquitos that were buzzing around all day. I didn't get many shots that day, but trust me it is worth a visit.

Be sociable.

If theres one thing I've learnt from my street style photography, it's that people have some interesting stories to tell.

I was taking a break from my photos in Lincoln Square on Wednesday when I sat next to one of the most interesting people I have met in a long time. I learnt more about his life and views and experiences in half an hour, than I have with some of the people I would class as friends.

Originally from India, Jim has been an international singer, owned textile factories in his home country,   owned a travel company and travelled himself more than I could have ever imagined. He is now enjoying a humble retirement living in England for half of the year and heading back to India for the other half, because the English winter months "play havoc with his joints".

He was a truly inspirational human being and I hope one day I'll bump into him again. He went on to tell me his mantra for a happy and meaningful life. He knows it as "TUP", which stands for tolerance, understanding and patience. I'll be sure to try and live by it myself from now on.

And of course I took a cheeky photo to remember him by.


A combination of two of my favourite things, the 25th January saw the release of the biggest fashion publication in the most beautiful country in the world. The magazine proves the increasing interest in fashion and the luxury market in the country, which is expecting the amount of millionares to increase by 35% by 2015. 

The magazine costs 100 baht (approx £2), and the editor-in-chief Kullawait has said he wants the magazine to inspire Thai women, and give them fresh ideas for their wardrobes, such as mixing high-end brands with pieces that are readily available in Thailand's many flea markets.

A stunning photo spread of Thailand's Queen Sirikit in her younger days adorns the pages of the glossy, with a large amount of advertising similar to the other magazines under the Vogue umbrella. There are also several fashion shoots using Bangkok as a backdrop, and the cover alone sums up the Thai luxury market perfectly. The beautiful Si Tanwiboon, a Thai-Chinese model who has graced catwalks at Jean Paul Gaultier and Louis Vuitton.

Personally, I'm really excited that Conde Nast has seen the  growing opportunity for the luxury market within the most gorgeous country in the world. Here is the front cover for you all to lust over...